General Appearance


Species: hedgehog

Eye color: red will sometimes flash blue

Fur color: pink

Hair color: pink with black bangs

Age: 18

Theme SONG: pink or black


Friends:aim, Blake, Dexter, Mew, Moon,Omega  and Roxy

Best Friend: Mew the fennakin (her pokemon) , roxy kate kat

Family: Shadow The Hedgehog (dad) Amy Rose (mom)  


weakness: needles seeing one of those will cause her to shut down or freak out mostly the latter

Ability: chaos manipulation and is immune to magic

Moves: chaos heal chaos control and deadly rose kick

In future rps: chaos revive

Made up moves description:

Chaos Revive: revives the dead 

down side is you can only be revived once

Chaos Yeah Right: cancels out the LAST CHAOS manipulation move used before it

Chaos makeover: an ability that allows her to change her fur color eye color as well as clothes


Sweet and Kind, until she is ignored, or someone makes a fool out of her. she also has a short temper sometimes and won't admit if she has no idea what your talking about but its easy to figure out if she doesn't


Rose didn't always have black bangs she used to be an Amy Rose look alike with red eyes that had a hint of blue. Dark Rose was the cause of the black bangs Rose and Dark Rose used to be two separate beings Dark Rose was sealed away inside of Rose at age 10 but she has no memory of it and the black bangs are a mark of this sealing but when Rose gets angry her bangs flash from black to pink in other words angering Rose is a bad idea a very very bad idea she also was kept in a castle for 13 years